How can we cut through the censorship, fake news, polarization and trolling? How do we track the pulse of the people on the issues of the day? Where do we go to ask what’s really on our minds?

QNA is India’s first independent, attitudinal analysis platform on national issues. It allows any user to engage in the latest political, economic and social debates and compare views with friends and fellow citizens with a combination of unique content, community, and analytics tools in a powerful interface.

The QNA application, on your desktop or mobile browser (best in Google Chrome) lets you:

      -   Ask – Poll an engaged community of citizens on the issues that matter to you.
      -   Answer – Engage in topical debates through expert and crowd-sourced surveys.
      -   Analyse – Compare your views with individuals, groups and the QNA community.

QNA is a neutral platform to provide attitudinal intelligence on social issues relevant to Indians:

      -   Daily feed of expert and user generated content indexed by headlines and topics.
      -   Gamified community enabling comparison with friends while preserving data anonymity.
      -   Dynamic analytics on social attitudes across issues, time, demographics and groups.

In addition to building the user base and diversity across the community, QNA will establish content partnerships with journalists & experts and launch analytical tools to share insights on social attitudes.

Welcome to QNA. We hope you enjoy the Ask, Answer, Analyse experience!